Antonio Tadeo

Hi my name is Antonio Tadeo and I’m taking my AWS certification in Ontario High School. The only reason I was able to get into this class was because of my welding teacher, Mr. Watkins. I didn’t know anything about this college class until he told me about it in my junior year, so I told him to sign me up because I went to the meeting and heard all the opportunities of taking this class. I chose to do welding because the first time I weld I felt awesome and decided I would rather do this than be an auto mechanic.

This class is very tough, but it’s all worth it not only doing perfect weld joints without undercut, but perfect weld beads every time you do the weld. I meet really cool people from different schools and towns. We all help each other if we need any help on a weld or studying for tests. After I get certified I would love to advance my welding skills in pipe so I can get better on any type of welds and position. I like to thank my welding teacher, Mr. Watkins, and the TVCC welding program for giving me this opportunity to become a certified welder.